Steward Board

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The Steward Board

God needed someone to care for His flock and so he created you.

Pastor, Thank you for the:

  • early Sunday mornings and late Wednesday nights
  • seeds you planted and the disciples you nurtured
  • sermons you preached and the prayers you lifted up
  • secure counsel and the words of encouragements
  • sacrifice and service

Thank you Rev. Livingston, for being true to the word

(2nd Tim. 4:2)

For reflecting Jesus

(Matt. 5:16)

And for being a blessing

(Gen. 12:2)

Pastor Steward  W. Dale Anderson

President  Juanita Richardson

Vice President  Marjorie Saunders

Secretary  Darla Chase

Chaplain  Quanyet Gibbs

Left front row:
Helen Mason, Janis McElrath, Yulanda Womack, Juanita Richardson, Lynn Jones, Bertha Williams

Left back row:
Marjorie Saunders, Darla Chase, Frances Livingston, Rev. Livingston, Dale Anderson

Not pictured:
Michelle Ayres and Quanyet Gibbs

God, in His wisdom has gifted you and called you in this time – this place to care for his people.

A servant called to love God and the People of God!

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10:00 a.m.

Our Address
812 North Franklin Street
Wilmington, DE 19806

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