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Our Leader

Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Whitaker, II

The Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Whitaker, II is the Senior Pastor at the Historic
Mother African Union Church. Dr. Whitaker is an ordained minister of the
Gospel, who has held numerous ministerial leadership positions for over 19 years. As a Spiritual thought leader. Dr. Whitaker has been uniquely gifted to assist churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations.

As a Critical Scholar-Practitioner, Dr. Whitaker is the Culturally Responsive Assistant Professor of Education at Cabrini University, an appointed Schouver Fellow in Improvement Inquiry at Duquesne University, and an Adjunct Professor in the Human Services Department at Lancaster Bible College and Seminary. Dr. Whitaker presents his research at both national and international conferences. His research centers on issues of Race, Racism, White supremacy, Social Justice, the Plight of Black Males, and the Prophetic Black Church Tradition

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